RCSS/SSA Drug Eradication Plan



The narcotic drugs have been a danger to the world community and it cannot be solved by only one country. We need international cooperation in the drug eradication process.

  1. To make implementation through the cooperation with the government and the agencies concerned.
  2. Acquiring the budget of support for uplifting the living standard of the people concerned.
  3. To make implementation through the agreement from and cooperation with the public.
  4. To make implementation through the cooperation of the neighboring countries.

Important points to be able to totally eradicate narcotic drugs from the root

To be able to successfully work on the drug eradication process above, it can be successful only through the right systematic plan and cooperation with one another. This is a 6 year plan.

Narcotic drugs found in the areas and how they appear

  1. Opium acquiring from growing the seeds and marijuana
  2. Heroin, ICE and Amphetamine produced from chemical

Ways for drug eradication

1. For those growing poppy and marijuana

2. For those producing drugs from chemical

3. For the consumers, purchasers, sellers of narcotic drugs in the area

Drug eradication plan - (5) ways of suppression (3) ways of encouragement and (6) ways of prohibition

5 ways of suppression

1. The traders
2. Consumers
3. Poppy farmers
4. Chemical transporters
5. Producers of different kinds of narcotic drugs

3 ways of encouragement

1. To encourage crops substitution of poppy
2. To encourage the freedom of working freely
3. To encourage the knowledge of narcotic drugs

6 ways of prohibition

1. Prohibiting the chemicals across the border areas
2. Prohibiting both internal and international narcotic drug dealers
3. Prohibiting the producers and areas of production
4. Prohibiting consumers
5. Prohibiting poppy and marijuana growers
6. Prohibiting those protecting narcotic drugs

Narcotic Drug Eradication Plan

1. To keep our Drug Control Offices in the townships reachable by our troops
2. To control through the Drug Control Committee jointly setup by the RCSS and the government
3. In forming the township Anti Narcotic Troops
1. News intelligence (5) persons
2. Office staffs (troops) (3) persons
3. Rehabilitation Center (-) persons
4. Military security (30-50) persons
4. To include the ceasefire groups in the drug eradication process
5. To include the concerned regional leaders
6. To cooperate with the neighbouring countries like China, Laos and Thailand
7. To freely make implementation on the development projects for the public through tradition and culture
(1) Traditional festivals
(2) Culture
(3) Language and literature

Townships to setup Drug Control Offices

1. Taunggyi
2. Loi Lam
3. Panglong
4. Nam Zarm
5. Mong Nai
6. Kho Lam
7. Laikha
8. Mongkeng
9. Mong Nawng
10. Mongsu
11. Mong Pan
12. Kun Hing
13. Mongtong
14. Tachileik
15. Kengtung
16. Muse
17. Nam Kham
18. Hsipaw
19. Kaesi
20. Mawkmai
21. Ho Mong
22. Larng Khur
23. Kyawk Mae
24. Lashio
25. Nam San
26. Mong Mit
27. Pansai
28. Mongwee
29. Kengtawng
30. Mong Yawng
31. Mong Pyin (Lawk Zawk)


To give authorization letter of responsibility, signed by the President U Thein Sein to Anti-drug Cooperation Committee which is setup with both the members of Restoration Council of the Shan State and the government, thereby producing the authorization letter of responsibility for the Anti-drug Cooperation Troops by the said committee.

Anti-Narcotic Troops’ Seals

Budget for drug eradication

Restoration Council of the Shan State