Villagers give tax to policemen and sell drugs openly

Mongnai Township based policemen got tax from villagers and allow them to sell, eat drugs as they wish in Southern Shan State.

On 15 September 2015, two policemen were led by Thein Kyaw Myint, and all 3 policemen went to Gon Mouk Za Li village from Mongnai Twonship and told the villagers that if they wanted to trade and use yaba (methamphetamine) freely they should give money, about 40,000 kyats, to them as the tax each week and there was no chance for villagers who couldn’t pay the tax.

After Thein Kyaw Myint left the village 3 days, on 18 September, 9 households in Gon Mouk Za Li village handed over the money to the policemen and spread a lot of yaba in the village.

Gon Mouk Za li village has over 1200 populations, and ethnic Lizaw and Karean padaung nations live more than other ethnics in the village; it has over 200 households.

Because the policemen were allowing villagers to sell yaba as their aspiration and a lot of people in Mongnai Township were worrying about on it, so they demanded RCSS/SSA to solve the drug problem for them.

Last 19 May 2015, the officers of RCSS/SSA launched fieldwork and captured yaba in the local area and it had stopped for a while until the policemen urged villagers to do it again.


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