Shan State Army has captured drug carrier on the road from Kholum to Kunhing

The officers of RCSS/SSA had captured a lot of Yaba, heroin, and tools of drugs with drug carriers included an abbot on a car that went from Kholum to Kunhing.

According to local information, there will be a car No7H-6920(YGN) carried the drugs on the road from Kholun to Kunhing. So the internal affairs of RCSS/SSA sent theirs forces waiting on the road between Gonbao and Mark Moungloa villages, at 08:30 the car had appeared and stopped by the troops of RCSS/SSA searching and found a lot of drugs.

Found 1900 pills of Yaba, heroin less than a viss and the headache cure medicine 150 packs and tools for using drugs in the bag of a 45 years old abbot that he has been using the drug for about 15 years. He was an abbot of Lokloun village in Kunhing Township. And found from Bor Htoa Nan Ti (56 years old man who lived in Lokloun village) 128 pills of Yaba, some heroin, and pipe for using drugs in his hand and there were 20 years that he uses the drugs.

Now both of them were maintained by RCSS/SSA according to the drug policy of the army.



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