Besides gold digging, Tachileik Burmese Brigadier and Ta Ler Pyi Thu Sit are obviously dealing with drugs trade along Shan State-Lao border

Khi Maung Latt, one of the members of Pyi Thu Sit (Tachileik) hires boats to dig gold in Nam Linn River. The boats are owned by Chinese man who got the permission from Burma army and Pyi Thu Sit in Tachileik to do the operation. The charge for each boat to be paid to Khin Maung Latt is 70,000 Chinese yuan (350,000 Batt in Thai). Then he has to pay the money to Tachileik Brigade, Tachileik police and Ta Ler Pyi Thu Sit according to local sources.

The site operation is now making damages to the environment and health of local people. Local people make requests to the authorities to stop the excavation in the river, but it is not seriously taken into consideration. “We don’t know who and where to rely on to solve the problem that is happening”, local sources said.

Local people also said “Burma army and Pyi Thu Sit don’t take any responsibility for the problems; instead, they even cooperate with one another for the opium trade along Mekong region. Both of them are obviously dealing with drugs trade along Shan State-Lao border.

Reciprocally Burmese get news from Pyi Thu Sit for what they need and Pyi Thu Sit takes this opportunity to do drug business under Burma army’s cover.

One of wise native grandpa said “They are treating each other through business deals. That means they are not honest to each other. Both of them are friends only for advantages. They are not real friends. They don’t care of what could do harm to the people.

In the Tamataw, higher authorities do not carefully examine their followers who in return wrongly report to their superiors. They blindly give their orders to their followers without any inspection, said a retired staff of the government who has close contact with the Burma army.

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