SSA Raids Pa-O Militia Unit’s Drug Refinery

On 28 February from 11 am to 6 pm, the SSA troops launched a raid on 3 drug refineries run by Pa-O militia unit led by Aung Hkam Htee, former Pa-O National Army (PNA) that has transformed into militia unit under the control of Burmese Army  at 2 bases of Loi Yae and Wan Hean base in Murng Zit tract, 40 km west of Nam Zarn Township. SSA seized 100 viss of opium, 250 liters of chemical liquid and assorted weapons. The raid causes 6 dead from the militia unit side.


The fighting started from 11 am to 6 pm. In the 7 hours-fighting, SSA troops captured 100 viss of opium, 250 liters of chemical liquid, 1 M79, 1 60mm mortar, 1 G3, 2 M16, 3 motorbikes and a haul of ammunition.

During the fighting, Pa-O militia unit lost their 6 men and SSA side was safe.

After PNA made cease fire agreement with the SPDC in 1991, the regime gave them special privileges on business and they could trade freely.

PNA transformed itself into militia unit last year. They are now active in the territories of Nam Zarng Twonship, Hsi Hseng Township, Ho Pong Township, Taunggyi Township, Kyauk Talone Township and Kyauk Dan Township of southern Shan State.